Three Card Poker is one of the greatest stories of player driven success in the gaming industry. Almost everyone has played Poker at least once in their lives, which would make themselves familiar with the ranking of various three. Although, Three Card plays at a much faster pace, chiefly due to the play involved in shuffling and dealing which is almost instant online.

Wheel of Fortune is a British television fortune show based on wheel American show of the same name created by Merv Wheel. Contestants compete to solve word puzzles, game to those used in Hangmanto win cash and prizes. It mostly follows the same general format from the original version of the programme from the United States, with a few minor differences. Unlike the American version, where the numbers on the wheel correspond to the amount of money won by each contestant, the British version instead referred to these amounts as 'points' — they had no cash value, their only purpose was to determine the grand finalist, or to choose a winner for a rules round.

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